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December 15, 2013
by charlottes

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 8 Question 22

Predict: I predict I will have to use Roman numerals.

Read: Move one match to make this statement correct. V+I=V

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Mathematicians Toolbox Strategy: Make a number sentence.

Solve: first I worked out what the numbers were. They are 5+1=5. I saw a number problem like that I could do 6-1=5.

First I moved the vertical line from the + to the first 5 I put it in front of the V. Then I got this IV-I=V. That my answer.

SummeryIt was easy because I know most of the Roman numerals.




December 8, 2013
by charlottes

BTN- Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was one of the first black people to try and make a difference in the world for black people. He fought lots of battles but then in 1964 he was put in jail for being a terrorist. He spent 26 years in jail. He was let out in 1990 and was awarded the Nobel Prize, later on in 1994 he was awarded  the position of being president. Nelson was the first ever black president. He helped make sure that black people could vote, work in different jobs and have homes. Unfortunately Nelson died on friday the 6th of December.

RIP Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

December 6, 2013
by charlottes

Camp Reflection

Day 1 🙂

The One Direction’s new album Midnight Memories (available now) was blasting from the speakers as I got changed, not into school clothes though and it was not the weekend. Yes that’s right it is camp time.

Once I had finished getting ready I jumped in the car soon to get on a bus.

It was time to get on the bus for about 5 hours and then go to a motel. The bus ride was very boring but then we had a very informational talk from a bus driver Frank who took us everywhere for the whole camp.

First Stop

Our first stop was Narana Creations which is a aboriginal place.

Recess was first,then we went boomerang throwing  I threw it well and after that we went for a bush walk kind of thing. I saw paintings an learnt how to make paint, how to make boomerangs, what some bush tucker is called and lots more.

Second Stop

Lunch Time!

For the first day we had our packed lunches. I ate my food then went on the playground.

Third Stop

The third stop was a small old inactive VOLCANO! It was only a short stop but it had spectacular view. (If you go there it is  a fabulous photo opportunity)  


Finally after a long day we arrived at the motel. With the smell of KFC greeting us we get all our stuff and found out our cabins (rooms). I was with Maddie and Brigitte. I learnt that you can have a good time even if you aren’t very good friends with some one also you can make friends with people when you spend time with them.


We went to Macy’s Bistro for dinner. It was a self-serve place it had all sorts of food like chicken,spaghetti and potato cakes. We sat down in the seats tat we would be sitting in for the week I was on a table with a lot of  people but around me was Grace, Amelia, Brigitte and Astrid.


After dinner we had a quiz. I was in team seven with Shakira,Julian,Bobby and Eden. We were doing really well at answering the question until it came to capital cities.  We were definitely not good at that we didn’t get even half right. But when it came to music we were really good we got only 2 wrong. We were first most of the quiz, but in the end we came a equal second with another team.

It turned out that Brigitte (who is in my cabin) came first and Maddie  (who is in my cabin) I came equal second with her team so my cabin had all placed in the top 2!

Day 2


It was a very early morning leading on from late night. I rushed to get changed. Finally after a long time of putting my shoes on, finding a good out fit and making sure my hair was  perfect I was ready to go to breakfast. I walked in to find some very BIG tables I went and got my favorite cereal Coco Pops and sat down. But not for long, I was sitting in Bobby’s seat so I had to move. 

First Activity

First we went to the historical place Flagstaff Hill. It was a bit like Sovereign Hill. Fist we had a talk on whaling and the boats that they used. we got to see the boat the were made out of wood. We were told that it was very ruff out on the sea also very cold, but the whalers had to wear their normal clothes which means it would be VERY COLD.

Once we had finished the interesting talk we were given a challenge. We had to go round the lace finding the answers to questions. Brigitte and I were in a team. We raced around the place looking at stuff,learning new stuff and also having a great time. We were one of the last groups getting  back but we answered every question bar one. We had really good and informative answers and got all of them right!!!


Lunch was sandwiches ,fruit , juice and cake.

The cheese tasted yuck.

There was a big flying fox it was super awesome and there was a easy maze.

Second Activity

The next activity was going into the most recent volcano that has erupted. We went in and saw lots of trees. (Not what you would really expect in a volcano.) We went on a walk around the volcano and even saw a lizard. We had the chance to throw a boomerang as-well.

Third Activity

After the walk in the boiling hot weather we sat down and made… kites. Everyone had a different design from animals to rainbows and even ones that said “lol” on them. People were like scavengers trying to find the coloured markers that they wanted. We had to get sticks on them which worked as a frame and when we got ribbons on them I was surprised how long they were. When everyone had finished I left the room wondering “will it fly?”


We had staring completions to pass the time of waiting to be called up. The food was the same and people were spilling the water as usual.

Night Show

The night show was at Flagstaff Hill. As we walked in I remembered what I was doing a few hours ago. We were sitting down ready for the show. A video started playing everyone was quiet. when the video had finished the screen lifted up revealing Flagstaff  Hill. My favourite part of the show was when the peacock’s head and only the head was coming out of the water it looked really funny!

Day 3


I walked to the breakfast room but I didn’t make it there Jess told me to change my clothes because I was wearing shorts, a T-shirt and a beanie and that was all.

So I went back to my room put some long pants on and a hoodie. I walked into the breakfast room to see that no one from my room had the key!! I ate my Cocco Pops and went back to my room. It was very embarrassing having to get Liz to open our door. 😐

First Activity

The first activity was going to the adventure playground.  I went on the Flying Fox I and I felt like I was FLYING! There were big slides, a rope climbing thing and even little islands. We stayed there for a long time!

Second Activity

(For this activity you have to wear shoes that can get wet.)

This activity was rock pooling. We went through some safety stuff before we went to the rocks. I was a bit put off when she said there might be some blue ringed octopuses. 😮

 Luckily there was NONE of them at all. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We saw a lot of sea creatures in the small pools of rocks I held a crab and even found an enemy.


Exactly the same as usual.

Third Activity

Fishing. Fishing was OK but I didn’t catch anything. a few people did.Time to go back to the past, in the past there has been a competion between the boys and the girls who catches the most fish. The girls have won for the past three years. But would that record be kept? In the first group Theo caught one fish (Theo goes fishing quite a lot.) Ignacia caught one, 1 to boys and 1 to girls. But then there was a great come back from the girls Molly and Madeline caught them. So that is 1 boys and 3 girls. It all came down to the second group but the boys in my group were just lucky that day. But at the end of the day the it was a draw between girls and boys. So the girls still have won every year. (pretty much.)

December 5, 2013
by charlottes

100 WC Week#14

Suddenly the noise stopped, everyone was quiet listening to what was going to be said.

“Hello people of my company as you know this is the new building that you will be working in, the building has been put on hold for 5 weeks because I want it to.” Said the boss.

‘Why?” Yelled a worker.

“Because I am going on a holiday and I can’t not be here.” She replied.

“So thanks I will see you all in a year! bye.” The boss said.

Everyone started leaving until BANG they all turned around, the boss had been shot.

December 4, 2013
by charlottes

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 7 Question 23

Predict: I predict this question will be easy.

Read:  The digit sum for 95 id 9+5, or 14.

How many two-digit numbers have a digit sum of 9

Big Question: What two-digit numbers have a digit sum of 9.

Clarify: Nothing clarify.

Mathematicians Toolbox Strategy: Prior knowledge.

Solve: I wrote down all the possibilities like this 9+0, 8+1, 7+2, 6+3, 5+4, 4+5, 3+6, 2+7,1+8, 9+0

Summery: My prediction was right.

December 4, 2013
by charlottes

5 Big Questions: 45+47 Stella Street


Question 1: What makes this a good story?

This Story is OK because it is exciting at the end because there is a lot of action. The action is exciting because I like action it is also very interesting. I believe. But at the start it is very boring because there is no action, it isn’t funny and it doesn’t have very good content. Also a strong part of why it makes this book good is conflict between Henni’s family and the phonies.

Question 2: What would make this story better?

We think that it could have more action at the start and the middle because it is a very boring and slow-going when you read the book and there is no major events happening. It could have more funny  parts because it is all really serious and all books need a bit of funny.

Question 3: What’s the most important thing the author wants you to know?

You can always find answers, overcome challenges and fears if you work for it. Also there are annoying people in your life and you just have to leave them alone. Another thing is that you may think a person is that person but they may not be they my be very different.

Question 4: Why did the writer write this?

To let you know that you sometimes have to be aware of people because they may be different. Also to entertain you.

Question 5: What does the audience need to understand and enjoy the book?They need to know what it is like to have people fine you for nothing much. Also you have to be a serious reader and if you don’t like not much action you should not read it.


November 21, 2013
by charlottes

The Five Big Questions

In term two we were asked to write a short story. Now we have to answer the five big questions about our story.

Question 1: What makes this a good story?

This story is good because it is very exciting and has lots of action and a nice mystery. It’s also a bit funny, the funniest character is Steve because he takes a long time to figure out what’s happening and he jokes around a lot. It has a good story line and plot, that makes it good to.

Question 2: What would make this story better?

I think this story would be better if I had added more detail to the middle. Because the middle is one of the most important parts in the story and the middle of my book doesn’t have enough detail. Like with some bits I should have not used “then” as much as I did.

Question 3: What’s the most important thing I want you to know?

Friendship is all about trust. You should trust your friends because your friends won’t lie to you, they may joke but they will never lie if they do their not a true friend.

Question 4: Why did the writer write this?

I wrote this because it is a good adventure story. I wrote a story like this a few years ago and I used that as my inspiration. I wanted to tell this story because it was a good idea, I had lots of ideas for the story but this one stood out for me because it is very exiting.

Question 5: What does the audience need to know and understand this story?

You need to understand that strangers that follow you around are sometimes are not your friends and that is a very serious matter. That may result in you having to leave your house or call the police.

November 21, 2013
by charlottes
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Ten Comparisons

5 Similarities:

1. Collins brother has cancer as well as teds boyfriend Griff  who has it to.

2. Collins mum is worried about Luke and so is his dad.

3. Luke has cancer same to Griff who has it as well.

4. Luke can’t be cured same as Griff who can’t be cured.

5. Collins parents don’t like talking about Luke’s problem similar to Alistair’s parents who don’t like talking about it either.

5 Differences:

1. Collin is healthy but Luke is sick.

2. Collin is always positive on the other hand Ted is always negative

3. Collin is greedy while Luke is spoiled.

4. Alistair is shy unlike confident Collin.

5. Alistair’s parents are strict while Ted is laid back.

November 21, 2013
by charlottes

Short Sentences into Long Sentences


1. The puppy had been abandoned. He made its way down the road towards the Lacey’s  smaer sitll ll house. He had his ears tucked in. His tail between its legs. He was shivering.

2. The roads would be too bad to travel for many days. Mr Lacey couldn’t get out. He couldn’t take the puppy to the pound in the city right away.

3. We use when we think. We write with words. In our dreams we use words.We use them to prey.When we hope for things we use words.

4. I was done. Otis thanked me.

5. He was an ugly dog. I loved him with all my heart from the start.

6. Harry was several streets away. He collapsed onto a low wall in magnolia crescent. He was panting from the effort of dragging his truck. He sat quite still.The anger still surging through him. As he sat there he was listening to the frantic thumping of his heart.


1. The puppy had been abandoned. He had his ears tucked in, his tail between it’s legs and was shivering as he made his way down the road towards Lacy’s small house.

2. Mr.Lacey couldn’t get out because the roads would be to bad to travel on fr days. So he couldn’t take the puppy to the pound in the city right away.

3. WE use words when we think, write, dream, prey and hope.

4. Otis thanked me when I was done.

5. I loved him with all my heart from the begging even though he was an ugly dog.

6. Harry was several streets away when he collapsed onto a low wall in Magnolia Cresent. He sat quite still listening listening to the frantic thump of his heart. He was still panting and anger was still surging through him from the effort of dragging his truck.


November 21, 2013
by charlottes

Handwriting Analysis Interview

What is your job?

Answer:  “I am a handwriting analyst.”

What does your job involve?

Answer: “I look at handwriting from a crime scene to see who performed a forgery.”

What are the most important parts of your job?

Answer: “Looking at the handwriting I have to be very accurate when looking at characteristics because that is very important.”

What area is your job in and how does it help your area?

Answer: “My job is in the area of forensic science, and it helps with finding out who forged a piece of writing.

What was your favorite case?

Answer: “My favorite case was when a man called Bob forged a certificate of death, the next day the person that they forged it on John turned up at my house!”

When did you first get into handwriting analysis? 

Answer: “My dad was a police man and I really liked what he did so I looked at forensic science jobs and saw this and it just went from there.”

How much is handwriting analysis being used now  compared to long ago?

 Answer: “I think it is being used more accurately now but it was still used a bit back then but definitely not as accurate because we have much more high advance technology to help us.”

How do you think handwriting analysis will be used in the future?

Answer: “I think that it could go 3 ways it might only be used a little bit,it may be used as much as it is now or it may stop being used.”



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